Evelyn Kopp
born 1979 in Pforzheim, Germany, lives and works near Karlsruhe
1999-2004 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe; 2004/2005 MFA (master pupil) in the class of Marijke van Warmerdam

Her art is shaped by the integration/involvement of everyday objects, contemporary media or embellishments of pop culture. Since completing the Kopp series, she has increasingly devoted herself to painting and drawing. Here her own style asserts itself best. Kopp sources the graphic and pictorial images mostly as fragments of photgraphic originals (motifs, patterns, ornaments). Those she collects in a kind of archive where she arranges them thematically.

It’s an intentional disruption on several levels between reality and falsehood, an interaction of abstraction and concreteness. The same can be said of her drawings. On these big sheets of paper she combines various aspects of her paintings. Figurative and ornamental embossings on the paper coalesce with fragile drawings to form a landscape. Sellotape is used as a kind of second reality. The strips of sellotape carry fragments of drawings which have been elicited beforehand from the original drawing by abrasion. The single strips assemble into an item in our mind’s eyes. The strips of sellotape resemble the graphic use of the modelling clay in the paintings and work as self-contained drawings.  

Last year, Evelyn Kopp was awarded an art prize by the art society Bruchsal, Germany, chosen from numerous candidates. Even since then, there has been a visible strengthening of the artist’s personal expression and artistic style, above all in the fields of drawing and painting.  

Silke Blitzer, art historian, Freiburg 2007.